Green Tea Latte – Trying Something New

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Green Tea Latte – Trying Something New
Just tried a Starbucks Tazo® Green Tea Latte.  It was very tasty.  I am trying to drink less coffee and I think this might work.  Dr. Weil and Dr. Mercola frequently discuss the benefits of green tea so I get it.  I understand coffee also has antioxidants, etc., but green tea looks like a winner when comparing the two.  I drink a lot of coffee during the day so drinking green tea lattes off and on might create a little balance. I am not fond of paying Starbucks prices so I am going to work on a home style recipe, but for now it is a nice treat.  The Starbucks Tazo® Green Tea Latte is made with matcha green tea powder (healthy I hear) as the base.  I ordered mine with soy milk and half the amount of sweetener.  When I received the drink I also added a tiny amount of half and half for a perfect mix.  I will post my cost saving, home style recipe once I create the perfect blend of green tea matcha powder, sugar in the raw and soy milk or half and half. Update: I was a little concerned about drinking GMO soy milk in my green tea lattes so I did some research and confirmed that Starbucks is using USDA organic soy milk.  I also was able to see the organic soy milk container today when my drink was being made and I also checked with the Starbucks barista.  This is the standard soy milk that is used in all drinks with soy.  Good news as the green tea latte actually tastes better with soy. More Info: Starbuck's Green Tea Latte Benefits of Green Tea - Dr. Mercola Dr. Weil - Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Green Tea Latte photo by thanachaiw on Flickr [nrelate-related] Sponsored Links

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