Lucy Is A Princess On Her Birthday

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Lucy Is A Princess On Her Birthday
Lucy's Birthday Wishes Here is Lucy enjoying her birthday.  She does not mind wearing a tiara if doggy birthday cake is involved in the festivities.  A birthday wish list for Lucy might look like this.
  1. An extra cookie of the day club for the next year.  (repeat each year)
  2. A new squeaky to play "squeaky time!"
  3. A cream cheese frosted birthday cake with bacon bit sprinkles.
  4. A doggy spa day for resting to include no barking from Pumpy.  (good luck)
  5. More rides in the car (trippy in corgi speak) to complete a cheeseburger quest.
  6. Weekly visits to the Burlington Bay creemee window in Burlington, Vermont.
  7. A puppy personal sized pizza on pizza night. Lucy says, "No more single slices please!"


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