Pumpkin And Lucy Play In The Yard

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Pumpkin And Lucy Play In The Yard
Doggy Playtime In Sarasota, Florida Pumpkin and Lucy are enjoying their new location in Sarasota, Florida.  We are currently staying at a vacation rental with a large backyard on a waterway that leads to Sarasota Bay and then the Gulf of Mexico.  Fortunately, it is off season so we were able to negotiate our stay for a great price.  We search  HomeAway Vacation Rentals and VRBO for the best off season rates.  The backyard has a lot of green grass, tropical plants and an outdoor bench swing.
Pumpkin by the tree

Pumpkin waiting for the next squirrel

Fun Florida Wildlife

There are a lot of fish that jump out of the water in the morning and sometimes we can see motor boats and kayaks going by.  However, I do not go in the backyard very much because I have seen two snakes!!  I found out that there are about fifty species of snakes in Florida and only six are poisonous.  The snakes I saw were common racer snakes so they are non-venomous.  Still, snakes in the yard?  Yikes!!  Pumpkin and Lucy really enjoy playing squeaky and running around chasing squirrels.

It's Squeaky Time!
Lucy and Pumpkin

Hey Lucy, it's time to play

Lucy, Pumpkin and Squeaky

Lucy, let's play squeaky

Lucy and Pumpkin play squeaky

Let's smile with squeaky

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