Christmas Time

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Christmas Time
It seems like Christmas arrived quickly this year. We made five varieties of Christmas cookies - butter cookies, peanut butter with Hershey kisses cookies, lemon bars, Mexican wedding cookies and gingerbread cookies. I purchased some fancy paper food boxes from the craft store to put the cookies in to mimic a cookie box from a local bakery. We gave out the cookie boxes as gifts.  The favorite cookie was the lemon bar which is my Mom's recipe. Pumpkin and Lucy understand how present's work and they enjoyed biting the wrapping paper to get to their gifts.  Last Christmas we came home and discovered that Pumpy and Lucy had opened a few puppy presents early. LOL. This year for Christmas Eve dinner we had the traditional eggplant parmesan with shrimp pasta with Christmas cookies and eggnog for dessert. Christmas morning breakfast included scrambled eggs with colby cheese, mixed sauteed veggies, chicken sausage and cinnamon rolls. Pumpkin and Lucy dined on sausage and eggs.
Pumpkin and Lucy sit with Santa.

Pumpkin and Lucy sit with Santa - He looks young!

Lucy's Christmas wish

Lucy's Christmas wish

Pumpkin sits under the Christmas tree.

Pumpkin sits under the Christmas

Lucy sits under the Christmas tree

Lucy sits under the Christmas tree

Christmas tree lights

Lots of lights and bows in downtown Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Christmas cake

What a cake with Santa penguins and snowman

Vermont snow dogs, Pumpkin and Lucy enjoy eating the snow.

Lucy likes to eat snow, lots of it and Pumpkin likes to play squeaky

Reindeer on Church street in Burlington, Vermont

Reindeer on Church Street in Burlington, Vermont

Merry Christmas! The Lawson's - John, Jennifer, Pumpkin and Lucy 🙂

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