About Us

About Us
Another day of adventure Head out on the trail with the Lawson's; John, Jennifer, Pumpkin & Lucy. We are focused on having less stuff and more fun. We spent many years trapped in cubicles which inspired us to reduce our overhead so we have more freedom and resources for adventure. Join us as we share creative ways to "get out of the cubicle " and on the road to new experiences.  Next sign post ahead reads "All Aboard!" Traveling Pups We have some great and tolerate traveling pups.  They may not like riding in the car but they do enjoy rest stops. Lucy a slightly oversized Welsh Corgi is the Mom to Pumpkin (Pumpy). Lucy likes to go on hikes, take naps by the rocks and roll in the mud whenever possible. Pumpkin likes to make friends with kitties and chase squirrels. When Lucy and Pumpkin hear the work "hikey" they get very excited as they love to hike in the mountains. So far they have hiked many trails on Mount Desert Island in Maine and several trails near Stowe, Vermont.  They also like the word "trippy" (car ride) as sometimes a trippy produces a cheeseburger or a creemee at a creeme stand in New England.  
Pumpkin with kitty friend

Pumpkin with her kitty friend

Urban dogs When Pumpy and Lucy are not on a mountain trail they enjoy the benefits of urban living; sampling fresh dog cookies at dog bakeries, playtime with other dogs at  bark parks and relaxing at an outdoor cafe. Try  Something New New food, new places, new experiences, join us on the trail! 🙂  
  • Elizabeth Ann Lawson

    Hi, John & Jennifer. So happy to be able to observe your many fun and interesting adventures.

    • Jennifer_Lawson

      Glad you are enjoying the site 🙂

  • Mary

    Hey Mr. & Mrs. Lawson hope you had a wonderful Holiday.

    What is the name of the restaurant and what time did you make the reservations for?

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